Why Should You Play Retro Games?

The intense graphics, real-like characters and gripping stories are the trends of video games these days. So why would anyone, suggest you try old school or say retro games are better than new games in certain aspects?

We are inching forward toward a world of silent electric cars, which is promised of no noise pollution. Although it is for a greater good, would the experience of driving a super-fast electric car be as exciting as driving a 1967 Camaro SS with its engine roaring, many would not agree. Similarly, despite the surge in the technology of games, old is gold. For those who would disagree, here are few aspects of retro games that would possibly convince you.

World Of Fantasy

Bubble blowing baby dragons, anthropomorphic blue hedgehogs and ducks in suits – the idea of fantasy was no stranger when it came to the world of retro gaming. Many classics of the past were beautiful imaginative madness. On the other hand, the modern game mostly focusses on gritty realistic and comparisons to everyday life, thus making the gaming experience more serious. In this aspect, the old-school games prove to be more relaxing and fun. For those who are not hardcore gamers, retro gaming would be more entertaining and rejuvenating.

Risks And Experimentation

These days most of the gaming companies try to play it safe, thus, they tend to produce games based on marketing analysis and tried-and-true ideas. Contrarily in the past, the best games in the market were often the ones that tried something new. For example, despite its weirdness, Q*Bert, a game based on puzzle platform and bizarre-looking creatures, surged successfully. Mortal Kombat proves to be another example, in spite of the concerns of many parents, the ruthless and aggressive game garnered a lot of interest among gamers.

No Installation Needed

To play retro games there is no need to install any aspect of the game into the hard drives. In fact, no hard drive is required for that matter. The only installation needed is physical, to hook up and plug in the chosen gaming console with a monitor or TV. Consequently, there is no obligation to wait for the patches, system updates or the game to finish downloading. It is just required to insert your newly purchased game into the console and start playing.

Temptation To Replay

Retro games are much simpler compared to the heavily structured new games. This allows the gamer to experience the joy of playing it repeatedly, often to get different end screen. This aspect is highly applicable to arcade games based on “high scores”, where you are tempted to score more than your friend.

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