Optimizing Searches Since 1997

You can pretty much type in anything in any search engine today and get about Million results. Now of course these results are not all displayed in one page but are distributed amongst multiple pages. So how does a search engine decide which result to show on which page? This where the process of Search Engine Optimization came into existence.

Though today’s searches will show that SEO was started in 1997 when John Audette of Multimedia used the term in one of his speeches. The story of SEO runs a little deeper than that.

In 1991 when a famous musician was quite unhappy about his tour sales, he turned to the internet and found out that his tour’s website was on the fourth page. Enraged he asked his manger to find out why his website was not listed as the first result on the first page. The story ends with his manger finding out that all the results on page 1 are actually paid ones.

This story had inspired many search engines of the time to start charging companies to be on page 1. This process was later modified and adapted by Google.

Google needed to make alterations in the existing procedure because at the end of the day Google had certain standards to uphold and those standards could not be compromised. This meant that if they put a certain company’s website on page 1 even after knowing that the company has better competitors, they would be cheating their users.

Once Google had formed their Algorithm as per all the discrepancies, they ensured that the companies who were ready to pay the amount to be on page 1 were also the companies who deserved to be on page 1. This forced other companies to up their game and start working on various aspects of their websites and blogs that were lacking in some way or the other.

With SEO gaining immense popularity, a new job opportunity presented itself. Companies became desperate to be featured on page 1 but they didn’t know how to better their websites. This problem’s solution was that many people having worked closely with search engines new exactly what a user needed when they search for something, so they started working as Freelance SEO. They would work seasonally with companies who wanted to optimize their websites. And these freelancers never found themselves out of work because with different months came different demands of users. Every month came with a new set of changes and updates which the company needed to work on.

With today’s fast pace internet, it is absolutely necessary that a user gets the best results for their search. So SEO is here to stay.

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