How The Internet Has Changed The Way We Work

With the advent of the internet, the way people work has completely undergone a change over the last few years. Today people can work from anywhere, anytime and are no longer restrained to the standard 9-5 working time. In other words, flexi work schedule has become the norm of the day and people have started adopting work styles that fit around their lives rather than fitting their lives around work.

We can see the rise of a ‘freelance’ or ‘gig’ economy where several firms are no longer restrictive about hiring freelancers for several positions within their organizations for both short term as well as long term projects.

How internet has impacted work globally -Advantages

Businesses such as Swiggy, Uber, Ola and Airbnb have developed mostly due to this internet boom. Banking transactions, booking travel tickets or shopping from good marketplaces has become a cakewalk today. The development of internet has led to several people choosing contract based or freelance jobs today for ease of work. From the angle of employers, the growth of internet has enabled them to cut costs which they may have incurred otherwise by hiring full time staffs.  They also save additional employee expenses, office space costs as well as training costs by hiring freelancers. Workers on their side tend to enjoy greater flexibility as they can work from home with just a computer and hi speed internet connection. One important thing to note is that a computer using a private IP address such as may not be able to connect to the internet directly. A router should be used in this case to be able to connect to the internet without difficulty.

Internet Development and work – Disadvantages

The growth of internet has its own set of disadvantages that cannot be overlooked. People have started losing the safeguards they received earlier from traditional employment. For instance, when they work as freelancers or self- employed people they cannot have access to paid holidays, sick leave or pensions. Also, online economy cannot be regulated or managed as easily or accurately as an offline system.

Working online made possible by the development of internet brings with it both growth options as well as challenges. It is up to each and every person to choose the best way to work keeping in mind the various options available in front of them. With barriers of distance being removed, almost anyone can advertise, buy or sell any merchandise online with a good internet connection.

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