Everything You Need To Know About Vaping

Vape Mods are the next step in vaping if you’re pretty much over vaporizers. Mods allow for extensive temperature control and variable compatibility. This ensures that you get the best smoking experience possible according to your tastes. Vape mods come in two types mainly, box mods and mech mods. Mech mods are the professional vaping kits that are very expensive, where as box mods offer relatively beginner adaptation for its users into the world of vape mods. We have mainly concentrated our list on easily available and durable box mods that are perfect for the vaping enthusiast looking to dabble into the world of vape mods. Most of these mini mods are cheaper when compared to their retail counterparts with the same features and build quality.

1- Wotofo Serpent

The Wotofo Serpent was available originally for the price of $90, but it has since then reduced significantly in cost. With a 2000 mAh battery, the Wotofo Serpent promises complete temperature control and adjustable airflow in a compact aluminum body. Its 2s heat up time is extremely great compared to its competitors and the huge battery promises 10 hours of smoking time. You can buy the Black Mamba for around $30 if you scour a few websites offering discounts.

2- Smok Priv V8

Smok is a well known brand in the world of vaporizers and vape mods offering kits for all kinds of smokers. Their Priv V8 offers 60W of power which yields a heat up time of only 2s. Compatible with most oils, the Priv V8 has adjustable air ports on the bottom that allow for a more personalized experience. The battery lasts around 7 hours with moderate usage and the top loading chamber makes for easy refills. The Priv V8 is available for a retail price of $35.95

3- Stentorian Ram BF Mod

Ever wanted a one hit mod with no hassle and extremely long battery life? Then Stentorian RAM BF is the answer to all your prayers. This punk design box mod offers smoke at the hit of a single button with a wait time of only 2s. Offering a battery capacity of 18650 mAh, the RAM BF mod will last you more than 12 hours easily. It is compatible with most oil cartridges and has a waterproof design to top it all off. The Stentorian RAM BF is available for the price of $35 to $40 on most online stores.

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