Who Is Your Favorite? Puppies Or Kittens?

No Doubts both are adorable!  And have their share of cuteness and are human-friendly!!

But my all time favorites are puppies!!

Do you know why I love puppies and not kittens!!

My wish!! 😂 🤣

Chill; I’m Kidding

Kittens are selfish!! Ya, they are. My grandma used to say “They are mean and should not be kept at home. They think about themselves first”.

Have you ever noticed this? When they drink milk they close their eyes; so that no ones sees them! But poor animal; they don’t know that by closing their eyes they are not closing the eyes of people around.

Do you know they bury their own poop? 💩 and yes they eat mice🐁 👿

They have their share of cruelty!!

There is a superstition that cats can help you become rich. You can keep this in mind to achieve your goals using the power of your cat.

I have heard that when cats are pregnant and if we take care of them during those days and if we can get their stem cord cell; we can be rich.

But as you know they are mean they don’t allow anyone to get that stem cord; they eat it before anyone could get that.

Also, I have heard they eat their own children; one more cruel act.

There is one more story related to them; if in case by mistake you have killed them then you have to make one gold cat in order to get penance.

I don’t know how much truth or fact is in these stories because I haven’t seen though. But they are quite interesting; isn’t it?

But people still love them because of many reasons

  • They are low maintenance
  • They make you stress-free
  • They lower the risk of heart attack
  • They can make your productive backed scientifically (if you want to be productive; watch cat videos and instantly you will feel energetic)

But I don’t love them because they are mean! My only reason to hate them; they are mean and mean that’s it!!

On the other hand;

Puppies are God’s angel; they are extremely loyal; they think about their owners first.

Mind you they won’t forget you ever. Means even if you abandon them they would still remember you till their death and will still love you to the core.

It’s said that they remember people who have helped or taken care or given them food even for once.

  • They are cuties, attention seekers
  • They too make you stress free
  • They are affectionate, compassionate friend and protector

But their lives are short that’s the only things I hate about them!!

Let me know who is your favorite? And have you heard exciting stories like this? share your views and if you want to buy kittens and puppies then don’t forget to check out Westchester Puppies and Kittens they have a wide range of cuties!!