Optimizing Searches Since 1997

You can pretty much type in anything in any search engine today and get about Million results. Now of course these results are not all displayed in one page but are distributed amongst multiple pages. So how does a search engine decide which result to show on which page? This where the process of Search Engine Optimization came into existence.

Though today’s searches will show that SEO was started in 1997 when John Audette of Multimedia used the term in one of his speeches. The story of SEO runs a little deeper than that.

In 1991 when a famous musician was quite unhappy about his tour sales, he turned to the internet and found out that his tour’s website was on the fourth page. Enraged he asked his manger to find out why his website was not listed as the first result on the first page. The story ends with his manger finding out that all the results on page 1 are actually paid ones.

This story had inspired many search engines of the time to start charging companies to be on page 1. This process was later modified and adapted by Google.

Google needed to make alterations in the existing procedure because at the end of the day Google had certain standards to uphold and those standards could not be compromised. This meant that if they put a certain company’s website on page 1 even after knowing that the company has better competitors, they would be cheating their users.

Once Google had formed their Algorithm as per all the discrepancies, they ensured that the companies who were ready to pay the amount to be on page 1 were also the companies who deserved to be on page 1. This forced other companies to up their game and start working on various aspects of their websites and blogs that were lacking in some way or the other.

With SEO gaining immense popularity, a new job opportunity presented itself. Companies became desperate to be featured on page 1 but they didn’t know how to better their websites. This problem’s solution was that many people having worked closely with search engines new exactly what a user needed when they search for something, so they started working as Freelance SEO. They would work seasonally with companies who wanted to optimize their websites. And these freelancers never found themselves out of work because with different months came different demands of users. Every month came with a new set of changes and updates which the company needed to work on.

With today’s fast pace internet, it is absolutely necessary that a user gets the best results for their search. So SEO is here to stay.

How Does One Use Social Media For Business Purposes?

When you have a business, it is a good opportunity for you to make use of social media in order to extract the maximum benefit out of that business. After all, when you realize that there are a lot of people that seems to be competing with you for the same product; chances are that you would need all that forms for marketing your product in order to reach the maximum people. Now, when you think about social media as a marketing platform, you also have to realize that there are different websites and services where you should sign up for. One of them happens to be Instagram.

Instagram is a website that is primarily dedicated to sharing pictures and photographs of anything that you would like to showcase to the world. However, this can also be used for a subtle marketing campaign, but you only click pictures of products that you are willing to sell and direct people with a URL to your website. Now, the people that are interested in your product by looking at the pictures will be directed directly to your website where they might have an affinity to purchasing your product. So, you realize that it is actually one of the best ways for you to market your product.

However, in this website, there are also a lot of people that would like to learn how to view private Instagram account if they could. You need to understand that a lot of people in this website prefer to make their account private so that there are no prying eyes. It is this privacy that will actually end up creating problems for people that would like to undertake marketing. So, this could be a bit important for the marketing people to try and circumvent the private accounts in order to ensure that they are not bothered in any manner possible.

As far as marketing goes, it’s all about the subtlety behind the campaign. If you are undergoing marketing campaigns that are in your face, chances are that the people are not going to be taking politely to your campaign. After all, people do not like to be bothered with advertisements being bombarded to their account, but rather you need people that are genuinely interested in your product. That can only happen through high quality pictures being shared in your Instagram profile, and that in itself should be something you need to look out for.

Are You Choosing A Color Scheme For Your Website Wisely?

The Strongest components of appealing websites are their color scheme. Many companies face challenges of selecting the correct color scheme for their website.

Which Color Scheme Are You Using? Are you using the wrong color scheme which is affecting your website traffic?

According to the University of Winnipeg; 80% of the evaluation that a visitor made about a website was solely based on the color scheme.

Color can help 80% of consumers to recognize a brand easily

Let me tell you one thing it’s not an easy job!! Consult Experts Web Design KC to get the task done which will be crucial for your business.


Everyone has their preferences. It’s important to decide the color of your website based on your target audience. If the products or services you sell are mostly for women’s then softer color work pretty well on the other hand if it’s for men’s then brighter colors are good.

Let’s look at the colors that will boost your traffic.


You can never go wrong with black. It oozes sophistication. The trick is to apply it correctly.


White is easy on the readers’ eyes but should be incorporated strategically so that it doesn’t look plain and boring.


Grey is not considered dull anymore. Use a lighter shade of grey; it conveys reliability and superiority.


Red motivates consumers to take action mostly used during promotions. It’s the best choice to portray your brand as strong. But don’t overdo it; use this color in moderation.


The best example of this color is Twitter, Skype, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Most corporate institutions use blue as it conveys reliability, safety, and security.


Yellow is the color of positivity, excitement, and creativity. It’s advisable to use in moderation.


Green conveys nature and the business that are into agriculture or providing services related to the environment can go for this color.


Alternative to Red, Orange is simply fun.


Purple is the color of royalty and has a calming effect.

Note:- Avoid brown, as both the genders dislike this color a lot. Test properly beforehand.

Now that you know why the business uses a specific color, it’s time to focus on the different color scheme and which colors work together to create an appealing design.

If you want to get your website visitors excited and encourage them to complete call-to-action; using blue, red or yellow is a good option.

Use a color wheel to generate color schemes.

Picking the perfect color scheme is one of the activities that a company should focus on. Consulting the experts will ensure that your web design creates a fabulous first impression every single time. Call KC Web Designer today!!