What Is Burka? Some General Characteristics

There are hundreds of religions in the world, each with different characteristics and traditions. However, it cannot be denied that one of the most controversial religions in the world is Islam, which has as one of its norms that women must be covered for as long as they are in public.

This tradition has been much debated throughout the world, because it is considered as a form of pressure on women. Regardless of the reasons why this happens, many of the women who practice this religion adhere to the traditions and follow this rule.

The question now is this: what do they use to cover themselves? There are different garments designed to fulfill this objective, among which the burka stands out. This garment is one of the most controversial used by Muslim women and consists of a tunic that covers the entire body, from the head to the feet, covering the eyes.

There are clothing options that allow women to be covered, but leaving their eyes uncovered so as not to obstruct vision. However, this is not possible with the burka, since vision is only allowed through a mesh that is in front of the eyes.

The origin of the burka goes back many years before Islam in the deserts of Africa, where both men and women used similar garments to cover themselves with gusts of air and sand in storms. Later its use was extended to Islam with the purpose of covering women.

If you want to know more about the burka, you can visit web pages, where you can find information regarding this garment, its history, features, and even the most current news on the subject.

One of the norms established by the Koran is that both men and women should be humble when they are in public, but only women need to be completely covered. The veil of this type of garment is not something that is explicitly written in the Koran so it is a subject much debated by people who practice this religion.

Each religion must be respected, but people must also be able to choose whether or not to use this type of clothing.